Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Meeting: A Focus on Color

May Meeting Focus: The Artist's Color Wheel as Inspiration

Member Erika Mulvenna (blog: Miss Sews-it-all) treated us to an in-depth exploration of color theory and the color wheel. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject, Erika took us through a brief history of the color wheel.  While we take this tool for granted, often learning about it in kindergarten art class, it is a relatively new way for people to think about color.  

The history of the color wheel is full of, ahem, colorful characters.  For instance, Sir Isaac Newton created the first known version of the artist's color wheel, associating each color with a music note, and giving them the names red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  That's right, we have Sir Newton to thank for Roy G Biv.  

Two hundred years later, Faust-author Johann von Goethe got in on the color theory action, writing a book and trash talking Newton throughout.  Later on, artists Johannes Itten and Josef Albers were pioneers in the education of the color wheel, sharing color theory with their students and peers, solidifying the color wheel's current high regard in the art world.

Next, Carole Ann Wool led us in a series of color theory exercises.  We selected fabric scraps based on different color pairings, using the color wheel to direct our choices.  We studied complimentary, split complimentary, triad, and tetrad color pairings.  We had fun trying to match our fabric scraps to the colors on the color wheel, and even picking out our favorite and least favorite colors from the pile.  We worked in groups, learning a lot from each other as we observed each others' pairings. 

Carole also put together a fantastic resource of books for us to reference - click {here} to open the PDF version and download.

We also heard from a few members about how they work with color in their quilts.  These were a few of the tricks they shared:

  • choose colors you might think won't work next to each other, you may surprise yourself by liking them together 
  • choose a color palette based on a favorite photo, or page from your favorite beautifully styled catalog 
  • save your favorite fabric selvages and use them to inspire your color choices
  • draw colors from a focus fabric, that you then incorporate into the top or use as the back
  • choose complimentary colors for a dynamic look
Thank you, Tricia Royal, Holly Harper, and Sarah Evans for sharing your tips!

This meeting was as fun as it was informative.  Huge thanks go to members Erika and Carole for going above and beyond in preparing a great presentation for us.  Please see the PDF {click here} they thoughtfully compiled for a list of great reference materials if you are interested in learning more about color theory and the history of the color wheel.

Other announcements at this meeting: 

We are swapping mini quilts with the members of the illustrious Ann Arbor MQG!  The swap is open now, until May 31 or until all 29 slots are full.  Please see Amy's post for all the details.
The member survey will be going out this week.  Please look for it in your inbox and fill it out within 7 days' time.
We are looking for members to join the programming committee and an exploratory sponsorship committee.  Those interested, please contact Peta {click here}
Next Meeting!:

Looking ahead to next month, we will be having a sew-in day for our meeting!  June 28 from noon-5 pm at the Chicago Party Animals venue.  We will need everyone to RSVP, so please be on the lookout for your opportunity to do that.  Hope to see everyone there!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ann Arbor – Chicago Mini Quilt Swap

It’s sign up time!  If you’d like to join the mini quilt swap between the Chicago MQG and the Ann Arbor MQG, follow the link below to sign up.  Sign-up will be open until May 31, or until all 29 spots are filled.

Go here to sign-up for the swap!

Swap Rules:
Quilts should be no smaller than 10 inches on any side and no bigger than 24 inches on any side.
Don't let your partner know who you are!  They will find out when they receive your quilt.
Do good work.  Make something you'd be happy to receive.
No extras, please. Just your awesome mini quilt.
Have fun!

Important Dates:
May 31 - Last Day for Chicago signups
First week of June - Receive partner pairing
August 16 - Chicago quilts due at meeting.  Please bring them unwrapped, but with a note to your partner.
Quilts received at September guild meetings.

Please make an effort to "stalk" your partner on social media and find out as much about their likes (in terms of quilts!) as you can.  If you don't do Instagram, flickr, or Pinterest, or have a blog, that's completely okay too.  If that's the case, however, please help your partner out by thoroughly answering the last two questions on the form. Partners will be assigned randomly, but for stalking ease, we'll attempt to group people by type of social media use.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Coming Up in May: Playing With Color

May 17, 2015 Chicago Modern Quilt Guild
2-5pm, Rush Hospital, Oak Park, IL

Playing with the Color Wheel

Come build your confidence in color choices through a greater understanding of the color wheel.  Our own Erika Mulvenna will lead us into a broader understanding of what the color wheel is, and how we can use it when creating our next quilt.  Then Carole Wool will lead a series of hands on activities to incorporate our new understandings of the color wheel and explore the ways we can play with color across the spectrum.  Guests are welcome to join us.   

To get the most out of our meeting please bring the following:
A Ziploc bag of scrap fabrics that representing your favorites and even your least favorite colors (solids and/or prints).  Scraps can be 2x2 inches or smaller.  We will be sharing our scraps with each other.

Fabric scissors (or a small rotary cutter and mat if that’s how you roll) and a glue stick.
Color wheel, optional.  If you have one, please bring it for reference. 

We will end our meeting with Show and Tell, so bring your most recent finishes to share. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Meeting~ Focus on: Long Arm Quilting

Focus on: Long Arm Quilting

Ever thought about sending your precious work out to be completed by a long arm quilter?
Wondering what a long arm quilt machine is, or what a Long Arm quilter even does?

Calling all those  un-finished quilt tops!

Questioning how to quilt some of the tops you've finished that are sitting, lonely in your UFO pile? Well, this month's  meeting is for you!

Find out the answers to these, and many more questions about long arm quilting  at our April meeting.  And don't forget to bring one of your finished quilt tops!

Angela Walters amusing time lapse video 

Four of our guild members who are active long arm quilters will be presenting on different aspects of long arm quilting.  

And following presentations, we'll have an interactive session exploring various way to quilt tops brought by members, called "How Do I Quilt This???"

Members are invited to show an unfinished top for discussion on what type of quilting might be a good fit.   

Presenting at this meeting will be:

Dani Miller of KSC Designs, who will speak about the various batting options available for your quilts.

Judy Tucker and Mark Cramer  of LakeHouse Quilts   will talk about how to work with your log arm quilter to select the very best designs that highlight your piecing and make your quilt really sparkle. 

Teri Karls of T & F Quilting Studio  will talk about the methods to prepare your top before sending it out so the quilt can come back looking it's absolute best.

Additional Business

Interguild Swap:  After meeting several Board members from the Ann Arbor MQG at QuiltCon,  and idea for a swap between guilds over the summer was hatched. This idea has been developed and the swap guidelines will be presented for Chicago members who are interested in participating. 

The April meeting marks the end of the term for our current Board Member.  We will take some time to thank the outgoing officers for their contributions and we will welcome in a new Executive Board for the 2015-2016 term.

Sunday, April 19
2-5 pm - Centennial Room

RUSH Oak Park Hospital
520 S. Maple Ave
Oak Park, IL 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Guild Meeting

Don't forget! This weekend is our March guild meeting!

March 15th 2-5pm
Rush Oak Park Hospital
Centennial Room
520 S Maple Ave
Oak Park, Il 60304

We'll be sharing inspiration, pictures, and a recap from Quiltcon 2015.

We'll also be collecting the "Modern Friendship Star" quilts to be dropped off for the IQF Chicago show- this is for participants who have already spoken to Sarah S. about this. Please be sure your quilt has a sleeve and label attached as directed in the IQF email.

All members are encouraged to bring an item for show and tell - what are you working on as we head into spring??